Radio Setup

✅ Open the src/bin/ file.

✅ First run the program as it is. You should see new output in the output of cargo xtask serial-term.

$ cargo xtask serial-term
deviceid=588c06af0877c8f2 channel=20 TxPower=+8dBm app=loopback.hex
received 5 bytes (CRC=Ok(0xdad9), LQI=53)

The program broadcasts a radio packet that contains the 5-byte string Hello over channel 20 (which has a center frequency of 2450 MHz). The loopback program running on the Dongle is listening to all packets sent over channel 20; every time it receives a new packet it reports its length and the Link Quality Indicator (LQI) metric of the transmission over the USB/serial interface. As the name implies the LQI metric indicates how good the connection between the sender and the receiver is.