Parts of an Embedded Program

We will look at the elements that distinguish an embedded Rust program from a desktop program.

✅ Open the beginner/apps folder in VS Code.

$ # or use "File > Open Folder" in VS Code
$ code beginner/apps

✅ Then open the src/bin/ file.

In the file, you will find the following attributes:


The #![no_std] attribute indicates that the program will not make use of the standard library, the std crate. Instead it will use the core library, a subset of the standard library that does not depend on an underlying operating system (OS).


The #![no_main] attribute indicates that the program will use a custom entry point instead of the default fn main() { .. } one.


The #[entry] attribute declares the custom entry point of the program. The entry point must be a divergent function whose return type is the never type !. The function is not allowed to return; therefore the program is not allowed to terminate.